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Merge Fish is a puzzle game that we are confident you will enjoy playing.

You will be able to train your mind and relax as a result of doing so. You'll enjoy this game a lot if you're a fan of puzzles like 2048 or x2 blocks.

Once you get the hang of it, the clicker game Fish Merge FRVR is not only entertaining but also very addictive.

The primary objective of the game is to improve one's fish stock by breeding and feeding them in order to accrue greater wealth. You will begin with a few fish bowls that are empty, and by placing fish feed inside of them, you will be able to attract the most fundamental fish. When you have two specimens of the same species of fish, you can combine them to produce a superior fish. You will need to keep doing this over and over again to unlock all of the higher tier fish as you go through the game. Along the road, there are a handful of things that can help make things simpler, such as a store that gives you better fish quickly and a roulette that gives you high-tier fish every three minutes. Both of these items can be found on the same screen.

Are you prepared to take the lead as the most skilled fish catcher in the area? If this is the case, get your feed organized and get started with Fish Merge FRVR!

Author of code

This game was designed and created by Chris Benjaminsen.

The platform

Web browser, both on desktop computers and mobile devices

The controls

To automatically feed fish in an empty tank, simply tap or click the fish feed button. When you have collected a sufficient number of fish, you may combine them by tapping/clicking and dragging an individual fish from one dish to another.


Don't forget to collect your gold from achievements (the trophy icon on the lower left of the screen), as this does not stack retroactively. This means that if you pass the required number to get an achievement, it will get stuck there until you collect it, wasting any other actions that could've been added to it. If you pass the required number to get an achievement, it will get stuck there until you collect it.
Merge Fish is a really unique puzzle game in which players must match fish of the same kind in order to open the door to other species of fish. You may place the fish by either clicking or tapping on the free tile; if you produce more than three fish, you will receive more game points. Have a good time while competing against your pals.


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