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Rescue - girl

This Pin Pull-style puzzle presents some fascinating challenges to solve. The player can select from a variety of game modes, play through a variety of stages with varied degrees of difficulty, complete challenging objectives, spin a pin, or pick how the story should progress. Find a way to be of assistance to the Young Lady!
This challenging Pin Pull puzzle is a lot of fun to work on. You can play through various stages of varying difficulties, accomplish difficult objectives, pull a pin, or select how the tale should progress in a number of the game's many game modes. Find a way to help the girl out, and good luck with that!

In the action-packed video game Rescue Girl, your mission is to rescue a girl and lead her to safety from the underworld. 

Castles and dungeons both feature puzzles that need to be solved before you can proceed to the next level. To move the levers like in an advertising, pull the pin out of the rods, and then pull the pin out. In addition, explore the rooms and select one of the available options for each one; the girl can only be saved by one of the options. Liberate the remaining captives, then search for wealth.
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These challenging riddles can only be solved by the most observant and astute individuals. Put your wits to the test on each level by selecting the item that is both the most helpful and most necessary in order to complete each of the challenges using your logic. Do not put your faith in their apparent simplicity, as overcoming some of them may require a little assistance from other people if you want to be successful.

Identifying Features:

Have fun with challenging puzzles.

Detailed cartoon designs in cartoon style.

Pick the correct responses to move forward, and don't let yourself be tricked.

Finds solutions to dozens of diverse problems.

If you find yourself unable to proceed, don't hesitate to ask assistance. 

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