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Fishing 3 will lead you deep below the water, where you will need to solve various riddles in order to progress through the game. Conquer the depths of the ocean and take control of the situation.

The game will captivate you with its high-caliber visuals as well as its excellent and well-thought-out control scheme. Fishing 3 challenges you to find solutions to riddles and assist marine life in ways that only you can.

Fishing 3 is a calm game with some elements of a puzzle, in which you must save a fish from suffocation by bringing it water. The game may be played in any mode.

There are a total of 24 stages in which you must clear away the muck in order to provide a path for the water to follow on its way to the fish. Each level increases in difficulty. You will have to overcome each and every one of the challenges. In addition to this, you need to ensure that the water is kept clean so that the fish do not perish, which would result in the end of the game. The game has high-quality visuals and an intuitive control scheme.

In the brand new and extremely fascinating game Fishing 3 Online, you will be tasked with rescuing fish who are in peril.


In order to accomplish this goal, you will need to find solutions to various types of riddles. The fish, which will be located in a nook underground, will be able to see what is happening in front of them on the screen. You will see a water faucet as you reach the surface. You will need to utilize the mouse to help you build a tunnel below, and it will need to lead from the nook that is located under the faucet. After you have finished doing this, you should turn the valve. This tunnel will let water to flow underneath it, and the water will eventually fall into a niche that contains a fish. When anything like this takes place in the Fishing 3 Online game, not only will you receive points, but you will also advance to the next level of the game.
All of these things are true for this new addition to our website as well, without a shadow of a doubt, and if our team enjoyed playing this game, there is no question in our minds that you will as well! Fishing 3 Online is here to demonstrate once more why fishing games online are among the most popular ones, just as the sport of fishing is one of the most popular sports in real life.

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There are a total of 24 stages in the game, each one more challenging than the previous one. You have a chance of earning one to three stars for each level, so you should constantly strive to be skilled, quick, and get all three stars.


Because the fish are thirsty, use your finger or the mouse to drag on the ground to create tunnels, and then click on the wheels to cause the water to begin pouring out of them. When it has reached its capacity, the level will be completed; but, before moving on, you need make an effort to construct tunnels that will allow the water to pass through the stars.


It goes without saying that new challenges appear as you progress through the stages; thus, you should strive to maintain the highest level of expertise throughout the game. Best wishes, and have fun!


How should one play?


The mouse should be used.


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