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Welcome to 'Penalty Shooters 3,' the newest addition to the fan-favorite series! 2 thrilling modes: 'Tier Mode' offers 6 challenging tiers, while the 'World Cup' takes you to prestigious arenas.

Customize your players' jerseys as you journey from a humble training ground to stardom. Test your timing skills with a single click – easy to pick up, yet hard to master. Compete against AI opponents that adapt and become more skilled as you progress. Get ready to score big and claim victory!

Penalty Shooters 3 is a sports game in which you take part in the penalty shootout of a soccer match from both the perspective of the shooter and the goalie.

You may play in either the Tier Mode, which features six more difficult levels, or the World Cup, which will take you to some of the most illustrious stadiums in the world. Make the jerseys of your athletes look more hip by personalizing them. You only need one click to put your timing abilities to the test.
Manages the Firing of Shots

Take note of the indication for the shot power.

To begin the shoot, you can either start by pressing the screen or the left mouse button.

Maintain pressure on it while the moving shot target is in view.

At the appropriate time, you should let go of the button to for the ball to be kicked.

In defense of

Hold your breath and wait for the shooting target of your opponent to materialize.

To have your goalie dive for the ball, tap on the target.

Please take note that timing is very important. Develop your shooting and keeping talents in order to score more goals than your rivals.

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