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The action game Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse is played online, and it takes place in a planet that has been devastated by an apocalyptic event.

People started attacking each other and your goal will be to simply survive. You will need to protect yourself from the assaults of the enemies in order to accomplish this goal. The game is comprised of a total of 40 levels, each of which features multiple waves of monsters. There will also be three big bosses that are not going to be as simple to vanquish. In time, you will be able to find different weapons such as a knife, a pistol or a baseball bat. Get ready for a fight that you might not win even if you're well prepared.

The video game "Realistic Street Fighting Apocalypse" places players in a world that has been devastated by an apocalyptic event.

The previously prosperous country on the planet has been turned to ruins as a result of a calamity that has befallen the world. Chaos and lawlessness now rule the world. There is a full-scale fight going on for control of the remaining oil and other resources. You will not have the good fortune of being located in the middle of it.
In the thrilling fighting game Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse, players must be ready to engage in combat with adversaries while traversing post-apocalyptic streets.

There are a total of 40 challenging stages to complete, as well as 3 formidable monsters. Use all your fighting skills to fight off all enemies that appear on the dark streets of the apocalyptic city. The earth is totally contaminated and needs your help!

While playing Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse, your objective is to eliminate your opponents, break boxes to collect bonuses, and search for weapons like as knives, guns, and baseball bats to protect yourself.

Manages and

X: Foot attack
Z: Attack with the Hand
To jump into space:
Symbol for Dodge: C

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