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A description of Santy as a Homemade

Santy is Home is a first-person horror game that takes place over the Christmas season. In order to retrieve your daughter, you are need to create a present for Santy.

Make your way through the home and locate all of the items.

THE WAY TO PLAY A Santy is a Home

In order for Tayla to retrieve her daughter, she is need to put together a package that contains the following items for the person who kidnapped her: a candy staff, a glass of warm milk, cookies, socks, and a Christmas bell. In addition to the fact that you are required to create cookies by hand, you are required to locate all of these materials within the house. Locate the cookie mix and then transfer it to a large bowl in order to accomplish this. In the following step, the baked foods should be arranged in a mold and then placed in the oven. Be ready, however, to face the Santa Claus of your nightmares. Due to the fact that he is already inside the house, he will be continuously peeking around. There are two possible outcomes in the game: a good one and a bad one. Just follow the list, and at the very end, you will be given Zoey's head as a present. This will allow you to obtain the evil one. If you want to have a satisfying conclusion, you should put the rat poison that is sitting on the nightstand in the bathroom into the oven. After then, Santa will go to sleep for all of eternity, and the young girl will arrive home without any problems.

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