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As it relates to FNF against Balloon Boy from FNAF

The frightening animatronic known as Balloon Boy from FNAF has the appearance of a lovely boy carrying a balloon. However, he is just as terrifying as his other pals from Freddy's Pizzeria. This is the case even when you and your boyfriend engage in a musical fight against him on the song titled "Balloon."

The music war between Boyfriend and FNAF's Balloon Boy is yet another terrifying one!
When you see arrow symbols floating above BF's head, press the identical arrow keys on your keyboard. This is because that is how you strike notes and reach the finish of the song, which is necessary for you to win this encounter. In order to do so, you must play all of the song's notes in accordance with the charts.

Be careful not to allow this happen to you because it will result in a loss because you will have messed up the chart to an excessive degree if you miss pressing the keys for an extended period of time. Good luck, and have fun!

The rules for playing FNF versus Balloon Boy from FNAF

Put the arrow keys to use.

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