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The Animatronics Texting and Survival Technology Description

Just picture yourself entering a pizza place that is populated by animated robots and being required to remain there for the entire night! Now it is up to you to ensure that you always remain protected!

Search for hidden codes, respond to the messages sent by the robots, and do your best to hold on to your life! It is important to be careful since the robot may come looking for you if it does not like the way you communicate with it. Also, exercise extreme caution while selecting the phrases you choose. Prepare yourself for a crazy ride because this game is quite similar to a terrifying combination of survival and horror texting.

Have a good time!

Texting and Survival in Animatronics: A Guide to Playing the Game

In the PC:
To advance to the left, press the D button.
The button A is used to move to the right.
To engage with the objects, press the E button.
While engaging in conversations and correspondence, you can hit the LKM button on the character's text or the answer option that you have chosen.
Regarding mobile devices:
Icon of a left arrow to move to the left
Make use of the right arrow icon to move to the right.
The interactivity icon means that you can interact with the items.

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