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Regarding Maere

Maere is a brief horror game that follows a series of experiments in which the player attempts to sleep in a room that appears to be haunted. Put your eyes out of your mind and try not to worry about the ghosts.

A Guide to Playing Maere

As you play this game, you are in a terrifying room and you are attempting to catch some sleep. In any case, what do you know? There are specters inhabiting the area!

You should avoid looking at those terrifying ghosts by closing your eyes and avoiding looking at them. But exercise caution! Your fear level will significantly increase if you suffer from excessive fear. Are you able to sleep through the night without having dreams that are extremely terrifying? How about we find out?

To look about the room, use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Shut your eyes and keep your finger on the space bar.

Release your grip on space and open your eyes.

To close your eyes, touch and hold the space bar on your keyboard.

Double-clicking them will open them.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Don't worry too much about the situation.

A lot of pleasure and success to you!

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