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Happy Rabbits!

The time has come for the harvest on the carrot farm! Every player in Happy Rabbits is required to collaborate in order to assist the bunny in selecting the best carrots to bring back to his family. This is accomplished by picking them up from the box in the same manner that you would pick them up off the ground. It is important to choose them wisely because the carrots that have been chewed are for the rabbit, while the farmer who has worked hard will keep the ones that have not been bitten for himself. When the game is over, make a comparison between their harvests to determine who chose the most delicious bunch.

Now is the time for you to provide food for the rabbits.

They are eager to consume carrots, but be careful because there will be moments when dynamite will appear in lieu of carrots. You must avoid eating them at all costs, or else you will explode and the game will be finished. To play this game, you can either click or tap on the left and right sides.

As a result of your hunger, you are obligated to consume all of the food that is presented to you. All you need to do is keep eating the items and open your lips. You are quite hungry, so make sure you don't go without any food! Additionally, you should be aware of the bombs that are hurled in your direction, and you should never speak up when you notice them. In addition, you can also use the food that you have acquired to unlock additional characters in the shop.

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